300 Braemar Stone Throw

307 Open Stone

304 16 Pound Hammer Throw

301 56 Pound Weight (Distance)

305 Caber Toss

302 22 Pound Hammer Throw

306 56 Pound Weight (Height)

303 28 Pound Weight Throw

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Athletic Rules – I

1. Competitors must wear the kilt and Highland hose at all times while on the athletic field. (Kilts may be rented from R. P. Blandford & Son, Redlands, CA or The Tartan Patch, Irvine, CA)

2. All events will be governed by Magni Corps rules which closely mirror the rules for the Scottish American Athletic Association (SAAA) Rules. Magni Corps and the San Diego Scottish Highland Games reserves the right to test any competitor for the use of steroids and other performance altering substances.

3. Pre-registered Athletes will have their name placed on a will call list.  Only the competitor may receive entry any guests arriving with the competitor must purchase a ticket.  Pre-sale tickets are available at

4. Late entries and on the field entries will be accepted if space is available and upon approval of the Athletic Director. Late entries will be required to pay full admission at the gate and pay the entry fee.

5. Decisions of the judges and Athletic Director are final.

6. The San Diego Scottish Highland Games, Inc. and Magni Corps reserves the right to change, combine, or eliminate scheduled events.

7. Entry fees for competition for each class are $25 for Magni Corps and SAAA Members and $30 for Non Members which provides the competitor with a complimentary T-shirt and 1-day admission to the field. The T-shirts must be worn while competing.

8. Awards will be given to the best overall athlete in each class. Medals will be awarded to the top three athletes in each event.

9. All winners must pick up their awards by the end of the day on Saturday or Sunday, depending on which day the competitor is competing, or forfeit them.

10. Due to the nature of the events presented at these Games, the Committee will not be responsible for any injury to competitors or spectators, or the loss of personal property.

11. The decision of the judges will be final.


Athletic Rules – II

The categories will be: Amateur Classes A (Advanced) B (Intermediate) Women C (Novice) M (Masters)

1. All competitors will be competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. There will be an aggregate award for each class.

2. To be eligible for the aggregate trophy the competitor must compete in all events.

3. The competition will be run according to Magni Corp rules which closely mirror SAAA rules and procedures.

4. Athletes must be at least 18 years of age by the date of the Games.

5. All appeals to any judge’s decision will be made with the Athletic Chairman at the time when the questioned decision is made.

General Rules for the San Diego Scottish Highland Games 

No pets are allowed in Brengle Terrace Park (with the exception of seeing eye dogs and dogs participating in the Sheepdog Trials). No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the park. Beer will be available for sale at several locations throughout the park. This rule will be enforced due to increased liability and rules of The City of Vista. There will be cooler checks.