San Diego Scottish Highland Games

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

September 2017

Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan

by Todd Wilkinson While the Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan service celebrates Scotland and Scottish heritage, it is a truly a Scottish-American custom. If one searches the Internet for information, stories abound of the Kirkin’s roots being in days of the Act of Proscription, when the wearing of the kilt was banned in the Highlands – […]

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Greyfriars Bobby

Dogs figure prominently in tales from Scotland.  There are the sheepdogs (who are so entertaining at the San Diego Highland Games).  There are the ghost dogs which warn people of danger.  There are faithful dogs who bring joy to their families. But surely no dog is better known in Scottish lore than Greyfriars Bobby. John

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Italian Highlanders?

The Italian highlanders who may have Scottish roots By Dany Mitzman Gurro, northern Italy 11 August 2017   Thousands of Italians emigrated to Scotland in the 20th Century, but it seems that 400 years earlier a group of Scots may have settled in a village in the Italian Alps. So local legend has it… And

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