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Highland Games Events:


Braemar Stone:

Stone toss, thrown from a standing position, 22-28 lbs for men, 12-16 lbs for women.

Open Stone:

Thrown similar to the Braemar Stone, but the athlete is allowed an "approach," similar to the modern shotput throw.  The Braemar stone is 16 lbs for men, 8-11 lbs for women.

Heavy Weight for Distance:

Weight affixed to an 18" chain and handle, thrown using one hand, in any style the athlete chooses. Many athletes choose a "spin" technique, similar to the modern discus throw. The Heavy Weight is 56 lbs for men's A-C, 42 lbs for men's lightweight, masters, and novice, 28 lbs for women, 21 lbs for women's masters.

Light Weight for Distance:

Identical to the Heavy Weight for distance but using a lighter weight. The Light Weight is 28 lbs for Men's A-C, 28 lbs for men's lightweight, masters, and novice, 14 lbs for women and women's masters.

Hammer Throw:

Sphere or ball affixed to a PVC shaft, thrown from a stationary position, very similar to the winds of the modern hammer throw. Heavy hammer for all men is 22lbs, men's light hammer is 16 lbs. Heavy hammer for all women is 16 lbs, women's light hammer is 12 lbs.

Weight for Height (Weight over Bar):

A weight affixed to a handle, thrown overhead using one hand, to clear a bar set at an elected height. The athlete is allowed three attempts at each height, similar to modern pole vault and long jump. The weight for height is 56 lbs for men's A-C, 42 lbs for men's lightweight, masters, and novice, 28 lbs for women, and 21 lbs for women's masters.

Caber Toss:

Easily the most recognizable highland games event, the caber is carried in a "run," balanced in two hands, with the heavier end upwards, to be tossed end over end. The caber is scored on a clock-face, with a 12:00 being a "perfect" score. If the caber does not turn, it is scored using degrees, up to 90. Cabers range widely in weight and height depending on class level, however, it is not uncommon to see the men's A or Professional classes toss cabers of over 130 lbs over 20 feet in length.

Sheaf Toss:

Resembling a bale of hay being tossed into a barn loft, the sheaf is thrown over a bar using a two or three-tine pitch-fork. The same rules used in Weight for Height apply to the Sheaf. Wrapped in burlap and consisting of rope, twine, or other natural material, the sheaf bag is 20lbs for men's A-C, 16 lbs for men's lightweight and masters, and 10 lbs for all women.

*Occasionally, a non-traditional strength event, such as a keg over bar, Atlas stone load, or an over-sized stone throw will be contested for charity, separate from the aggregate competition.