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If someone is chatting, or gossiping on, and on– they’re blethering away!


Now that tickets for the 2019 Scottish Highland Games are for sale finally, some of you have gone a bit radge. (someone/something that is crazy)

Venison Braised in Beef Stock with Mashed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

scottish recipe venison and potatoes

Scotland has a large population of native red deer; this makes venison traditionally very popular and in more recent years, commercial deer farms have shown up especially in the West Highlands. Being very lean, venison is considered a very healthy meat to eat but can easily become dry, and or tough, if not cooked in […]

The Cow that Ate the Piper

scottish irish celtic stories-- the cow the ate the piper

Contributed by Marilyn McPhie Many years ago in the highlands of Scotland there was a piper — Billy McLeod.  I doubt you’ve heard of him.  He was not famous, but just a pretty good piper, not the best, but not the worst either.  But that was his art and his occupation, too.  He played anywhere folks […]

5 of Scotland’s Famous Castles

Highlander Eilean castle scotland

Glamis Castle, which can be found nestled close by the village of Glamis in Angus, Scotland is open to the public. It is known to be the home in which Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother spent her childhood. It is also said to be the birthplace of her second daughter, Princess Margaret. Glamis castle is […]

Oh, so Scottish Music..

We recently did a fun poll on our Facebook page, asking members who their favourite Scottish singers or bands were. We got an amazing contribution of comments (over 160!). Some were a little better known than others, while some slightly more niche, and some more recent, while others timeless classics. Here is a list of […]


Meaning to look pale, particularly when someone is not feeling well.

2019 Robert Burns Supper

Looking for something wonderfully Scottish to do? Our friends at North County Scots are hosting their annual Robert Burns’ Supper, Jan 19th! Join along, for a formal dinner (just as people all over Scotland, and the world will also be doing), with live music, Scottish food and drink, celebrating the life and poetry of Robert […]

The Black Bull of Norroway

There was once a woman who had three daughters. One day the eldest said, “Mother, bake me a bannock and roast me a collop, for I must seek my fortune.” Her mother provided the food, and the lass went to visit a local witch for advice on where to find her fortune. The witch told […]


We’re pretty lucky here in San Diego, but it certainly is starting to cool off out there! Jeelit, is a great sounding word, meaning absolutely bloody freezing!