San Diego Scottish Highland Games

San Diego Scottish Highland Games

Haggis Timbale

Haggis Timbale “S mairg a ni tarcuis air biadh” – meaning people who have contempt for food are generally considered as a fool. That’s why you all should love Scottish food, no matter whether it is a modern or traditional food item. Scotland’s affinity to their delicious cuisine can be witnessed in this recipe, named …

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The Laird and the Crane

Long, long ago there was a rich laird.  He had many friends and a large estate, and he was known as an excellent hunter.  One morning he was riding through his land and he saw a large and impressive crane.  Immediately he thought to himself, “This would make a fine feast for a dinner with …

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Cullen Skink

Scotland has much to offer when it comes to traditional and delicious meals. From savoury Scottish porridge to the iconic national dish of Haggis, Scotland offers culinary cuisine that is unique from its European counterparts. Cullen Skink is one of the famous Scotland dishes, and it is a hearty soup traditionally made with smoked haddock. …

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