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Back From the Grave

Back From the GraveMargaret Halcro married, 1674, in her 27th year, the Rev. Henry Erskine, and died, 14th January 1725, in the house of her son, Rev. Ebenezer Erskine. She was buried at Scotland Wells, where her tombstone is still to be seen.Those are the basic facts of Margaret Halcro Erskine’s life, but they don’t  […]

Tam O-Shanter

Robert Burns, an icon of Scottish literature, who is celebrated annually on his late-January birthday, wrote a long narrative poem telling the old Scottish legend of Tam O’Shanter. Here’s how the story goes:It was a dark and stormy night in a cozy neighborhood pub. There at the bar sat Tam O’Shanter, a local farmer relaxing […]

Clan Bruce

Scottish clan Bruce

Clan historyBruce is one of the most famous of all Scottish clans. It produced two kings of Scotland, one of whom, Robert the Bruce, led the army that defeated the English at the Battle of  Bannockburn – an event of huge significance in Scottish history.Clan Bruce descends from Robert de Brus, 1st Lord of Annandale, […]

Vegetarian Haggis

vegetarian haggis

Ingredients. 75g mushrooms finely chopped.- 75g brown lentils (SOAKED FOR 2-3HOURS) -50g pinhead oatmeal (soaked for one hour) – 50g red kidney beans (soaked, cooked and chopped) – 25g vegan spread (or butter).  150g grated carrot. – 2cloves of garlic peeled and chopped – 150g onions peeled and finely chopped – 1tbsp Scottish rapeseed oil […]

Scottish sights to visit

Inverness Scotland

Bruce’s CaveLace up your walking boots and pack a lunch for a visit to Robert the Bruce’s cave, which is up a steep path above Kirtle Water, near Kirkpatrick Flemming. Legend says that Robert the Bruce hid from the English armies within these gloomy walls, and watched a spider repeatedly attempting to spin a web. […]