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The Free Soil of Scotland

A man’s still a man to meArbroath made it right to be free The voices of freedom are calling to me Saying stand for the free soil of ScotlandBe it land of your heart, or the land of your birth It was right from the start, and it spread o’er the Earth Their voices live […]

National Tartan Day in the United States

The Tartan The fighting sheen of it;the yellow, the green of it; The black, the red of it,every thread of it. The fair have signed for it;the brave have died for it; Foeman sought for it;heroes fought for it; Honor the name of it;drink to the fame of it – The Tartan!  National Tartan Day is a US observance on April […]

The Legend of Corryvreckan

Long, long ago – when the Scotland was invaded by Viking forces, there was a young Norse warrior named Breakan who fell in love with a local beauty.  When the couple told the maiden’s father of their desire to marry, he was not happy to think of a union between his only child and the […]

Celtic Echoes Presents “Hoolie in the Kitchen Too!!!”

Celtic EchoesPresentsHoolie in the Kitchen Too!!!Join us for a dinner of corned beef and cabbage and a great evening of Celtic fun: jigs, reels, pub songs, favorite Irish ballads, the occasional haunting air – and general Tom Foolery (the Irish call that good Craic!)You’ll feel like you’ve been invited into our kitchen for a grand […]

A Wee Bit Information on Whisky

The Gaelic “usquebaugh”, meaning “Water of Life”, phonetically became “usky” and then “whisky” in English. However it is known, Scotch Whisky, Scotch or Whisky (as opposed to whiskey), it has captivated a global market.Scotland has internationally protected the term “Scotch”. For a whisky to be labeled Scotch it has to be produced in Scotland. If […]


½ lb Carrots – scraped and left whole1 lb. Potatoes – peeled and left whole1 lb Leeks – halved lengthwise and cut into ¼” pieces1 Onion – peeled and chopped.ButterSalt & Pepper ½ pint white sauce made with:1 ½ oz butter¾ oz flour¼ pint milk (5 ozs)¼ pint Vegetable stock (5 ozs) Topping – 3 oz. grated […]

Colquhoun Clan History

Colquhoun scottish Clan History tartan

This name comes from the Gaelic place name “cuil cumhann” meaning “narrow corner”. The location of Colquhoun (pronounced “ca-hoon” with the accent on the second syllable) is on the western shores of Loch Lomond. Umfphredus de Kilpatrick was granted the lands by the Earl of Lennox in the 13th century, during the reign of King […]

Upcoming Spring Events

Caledonian Society of Arizona53rd Annual Phoenix Scottish GamesMarch 4th & 5thSteele Indian School Park300 East Indian School Rd.Phoenix. Az. 85032 Sonora Celtic FaireMarch 11-13th.Mother Lode Fair Grounds.Sonora. Ca. Kern County Scottish Society, Inc.March 25th.Kern County Fairgrounds,1142 South “P” StreetBakersfield. Ca. Tartan DayApril 1st.Balboa ParkSan Diego. Ca.

The Legend of Ticonderoga

In ancient times, Duncan Campbell, the laird of Inverawe, sat in his castle in the western isles of Scotland. One dark night, there was a loud pounding at the gate, and when Campbell opened it, he saw a stranger who begged him for asylum. The man was disheveled and his clothes were torn and smeared […]

King of the Cats

Do you have a cat?  If you do, you may be one of those people who insist that cats have a special place in the universe — and a world of their own that humans can only glimpse from time to time.  Here’s a little story that has variations all over the British Isles and […]