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Want to help on the day of the event? We have many opportunities for volunteers to get involved, from event setup/break down, helping at the information booth, to working at the clans area– just to name a few.

You’ll get a free t-shirt, and free admission for the day of your shift.

Already Signed Up? Important Information

Hello Volunteers, Thanks for signing up.

Here are a few notes on what to do and what is expected.

For Saturday and Sunday Volunteers,

Parking please arrive early enough to allow for parking and travel time. You have two options for parking first in the park itself, then at the High School and ride the shuttle over, the city charges for parking at both sites.

There is some local street side parking (not recommended) please adhere to all posted signage.  The city also provides a shuttle that travels clockwise around the outside of the park.

When you arrive at the park please check in at the booth main gate near the recreation center at least 15 minutes before the start of your shift.

At the booth you will be provided a T shirt this identifies you as a volunteer to the public, security staff and the directors/ officers of the games. Wearing the shirt identifies you as a part of the organization with that comes certain privileges and expectations.

The person checking you in will confirm the shift and location you are working. You will be part of a team working that location please introduce yourself to your fellow volunteers and security staff.

Working the gates, you are dealing with members of the public who maybe visiting the games for the first time and others who attend annually so please be pleasant, respectful and helpful which I know you will be. We do get some challenges through the day use your resources such as your team, security guard, and radio when needed.

At the booth there is a container with tools and instructions, this year there are some changes you will be briefed on these when you check in.

Everyone needs a ticket/ hand stamp to gain entry. Inspection of personal coolers and bags is the responsibility of the security staff.

The exemptions to those who need a ticket are fellow volunteers wearing a volunteer shirt, Boy Scouts, Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Vista High School Band Members who are also volunteers they need to be in class A or B uniform we also have three pageantry groups volunteer.

Will call list for ALL volunteers are at the main gate.

Piping and Drumming soloists will have will call at the main gate, all pipe band persons will have a wristband.

Vendors will have wristbands.

Will call for athletes will be at the clan gate and main gate, please co-ordinate via radio.

Will call for sheepdog handlers will be at the senior gate (east entrance).

Competing dancers will have tickets (do not stamp).

Working the food booth or information tent, please check in at the main gate and go to the NCS banger booth in the food court or the field for the information/ souvenir booth BTW it has moved this year, it can be found backed up to the fence that is adjacent to the main path leading to the ball field.

From time to time we will be circulating around to check in with you and bring you water. Please bring hats, sunscreen etc.,

As in past years, we will have golf carts to assist the seniors and handicapped. Use the radio to call if requested or assistance is seen to be needed.

PLEASE do not leave your post until relieved.

Friday Volunteers, please find me on the field or Ellen at the information booth.

Any questions/ comments.

text 619-572-9951

Thanks again, let us all have a great weekend.