San Diego Scottish Highland Games

Oh, so Scottish

Hogmanay in Scotland

New Year’s Eve in Scotland is called Hogmanay. This joyful gathering was especially celebrated in the years when Christmas was ‘banned’, and celebrations could last for days! Edinburgh now hosts one of the world’s biggest and most famous Hogmanay street parties, with an amazing fireworks display. All over the country, Scottish people brighten up the …

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Bagpipe Jokes

— Contributed by Marilyn McPhie What’s the difference between beginner and expert bagpipers? Nothing. Why do bagpipe players always walk when they play? To get away from the sound. My neighbors love my 3am bagpipe practice They even throw bricks through my window so they can hear it better. I received an award from the …

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5 Popular Scottish Drinks

The Scottish have many, many drinks that you should try while you are visiting or participating in any Scottish festivals. There are a few drinks however that are on top of the list that we highly suggest you ingest while enjoying Scottish culture. There is a little history behind most of the drinks and how …

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Oh, so Scottish Music..

We recently did a fun poll on our Facebook page, asking members who their favourite Scottish singers or bands were. We got an amazing contribution of comments (over 160!). Some were a little better known than others, while some slightly more niche, and some more recent, while others timeless classics. Here is a list of …

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