San Diego Scottish Highland Games

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

Scottish History

An Intro to Scots Gaelic

The Scots Gaelic language, or simply Scottish Gaelic, is a member of the Goidelic group of the Celtic Languages. These languages are spoken along the Northwest coast of Scotland and the Hebrides Island, you will also find many Gaelic speaking communities in Australia, United States, and Canada. Gaelic was introduced into Scotland around 500 AD,

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Italian Highlanders?

The Italian highlanders who may have Scottish roots By Dany Mitzman Gurro, northern Italy 11 August 2017   Thousands of Italians emigrated to Scotland in the 20th Century, but it seems that 400 years earlier a group of Scots may have settled in a village in the Italian Alps. So local legend has it… And

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The Declaration of Arbroath

The Declaration of Arbroath, is without a doubt the most precious and treasured historical document in the National Archives of Scotland. Our own Declaration of independence was modeled after the Declaration of Arbroath. The document was written in 1320 as a request to the Pope for Scotland to be recognized as an independent nation. The

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