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Venison Braised in Beef Stock with Mashed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

scottish recipe venison and potatoes

Scotland has a large population of native red deer; this makes venison traditionally very popular and in more recent years, commercial deer farms have shown up especially in the West Highlands. Being very lean, venison is considered a very healthy meat to eat but can easily become dry, and or tough, if not cooked in […]

A Wee Bit Information on Whisky

The Gaelic “usquebaugh”, meaning “Water of Life”, phonetically became “usky” and then “whisky” in English. However it is known, Scotch Whisky, Scotch or Whisky (as opposed to whiskey), it has captivated a global market.Scotland has internationally protected the term “Scotch”. For a whisky to be labeled Scotch it has to be produced in Scotland. If […]


½ lb Carrots – scraped and left whole1 lb. Potatoes – peeled and left whole1 lb Leeks – halved lengthwise and cut into ¼” pieces1 Onion – peeled and chopped.ButterSalt & Pepper ½ pint white sauce made with:1 ½ oz butter¾ oz flour¼ pint milk (5 ozs)¼ pint Vegetable stock (5 ozs) Topping – 3 oz. grated […]

Vegetarian Haggis

vegetarian haggis

Ingredients. 75g mushrooms finely chopped.- 75g brown lentils (SOAKED FOR 2-3HOURS) -50g pinhead oatmeal (soaked for one hour) – 50g red kidney beans (soaked, cooked and chopped) – 25g vegan spread (or butter).  150g grated carrot. – 2cloves of garlic peeled and chopped – 150g onions peeled and finely chopped – 1tbsp Scottish rapeseed oil […]