San Diego Scottish Highland Games

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23


“The Stone Giant”

The Stone Giant, contributed by Marilyn McPhie Long, long ago there was a giant who lived in a cave in the hills of northern Scotland.  When I say that he lived in a cave, that is the absolute truth.  The giant had always known that he could not leave the cave – at least during […]

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The Laird and the Crane

Long, long ago there was a rich laird.  He had many friends and a large estate, and he was known as an excellent hunter.  One morning he was riding through his land and he saw a large and impressive crane.  Immediately he thought to himself, “This would make a fine feast for a dinner with

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robert burns scottish poet funny socks

Robert Burns Souvenirs

Contributed by Marilyn McPhie Robert Burns is known worldwide as one of Scotland’s most famous sons.  He was born on January 25, 1759, in Ayrshire, Scotland, and every year on his birthday there are many, many festive gatherings to celebrate this Scottish poet.  As with most celebrities, fans have always wished to have a souvenir

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The Fairies’ Gift

Contributed by Marilyn McPhie Many years ago in the Spey Valley, there lived a notable woman.  Some called her a witch, but if that was true, she was a witch of the very best kind.  She was called Dame Aliset, and she had great skill and knowledge.  She could predict the weather.  And, with little

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The Luck of Mary McPhee

Contributed by Marilyn McPhieMary McPhee was content with her life. She lived in a small cottage on the west of Scotland, and she lived alone –except for her orange cat, Clementine – for her husband John had died a decade before, and they had no children. ButMary McPhee was well-regarded and well-loved in the village

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