San Diego Scottish Highland Games

Entertainment Lineup

2022 Lineup

Join us at one of our two stages, where we’ll have wonderful live music performed all weekend. We have our main stage, located over near the vendor and clans booths.

Or join us at our fully-covered beer garden stage, where we’ll have several Scottish-inspired beer options on tap.

See the schedule, and learn about our bands below!

Highland Way

Awesome, Awesome, and … did I say Awesome? That’s the only way to describe Highland Way, the quality of their music, the excitement they bring to their performances, and the professionalism which they bring to their concerts. Young and old and everyone in between can enjoy their music and the environment they create. They can improvise when needed, play with young musicians and dancers and crowds love them. I’m sure you will too. Playing everything from High Energy Festivals to Performing Arts Theaters, from Scotland to Nova Scotia, Ireland to California, Highland Way are simply the best at what they do. A native Scot with his Glasgow accent, Brian Caldwell is well known for his wonderful ability to charm any crowd while his energetic and driving rhythm guitar blends flawlessly with the rest of the band. Joining Brian are Paul Graham Castellanos – on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, Sharon Whyte – on accordion and keyboards, Bob Sale – on percussion and drums, Glen Fisher – on bass, and master of guitars Jim Soldi.

Wicked Tinkers

Prepare yourself for a wild ride with WICKED TINKERS. Pioneers of the growing Tribal Celtic movement, Wicked Tinkers have been playing haunting, heart-pounding bagpipes and irresistible, tribal drums as a professional band since 1995 and for many years before that at parties, renaissance fairs and on various street corners. With the addition several years back of the mesmerizing drone of the Australian didgeridoo and bronze-age Irish horn the magic was complete.Sit back and be transported to an earlier time in Scotland and Ireland when battle cries filled the air and strange, unheard-of creatures roamed the night. Or better yet, get on your feet and let your body move to ancient rhythms and forgotten sounds. Don’t think that this is dry, dusty music for museum shelves- the boys in the band merge the best of modern, almost rock and roll energy with the hypnotic, insistent grooves of their Gaelic ancestors. Rare is the bystander who comes away without feeling a surprising, sometimes bewildering connection with long-forgotten, primal emotions and half- memories of ages past and experiences unknown and yet somehow familiar. This is music to set your jaw, put a fire in your belly, a glint in your eye and a dance in your feet.


The band Blackwaterside was formed in 1995 by flutist Susan Craig Winsberg in celebration of her Scottish heritage. Since then they have played numerous concerts and festivals, receiving great public acclaim. They are known for their varied approach to traditional Scottish and Irish music, alternating lively, upbeat tunes with lyrical and haunting ballads, constantly changing the texture and color of the instrumentation so that their sound is forever fresh. Audiences are inevitably impressed and greatly entertained by the uniqueness and originality of a Blackwaterside Celtic music performance. The Blackwaterside band features Susan Craig Winsberg on flutes and whistles and outstanding vocalist and bodhrán player Christa Burch, accompanied by the talented Sean Michael Clegg on guitar and multi-instrumentalist Tim Blair on percussion, recorders and whistles.

Men of Worth

In 1986, Scotsman Donnie Macdonald and Irishman James Keigher came together to perform Irish and Scottish folk music, combining traditional and contemporary styles.The name "Men of Worth" was chosen from the title of a folk song written by the Scottish singer/songwriter Archie Fisher. Together Men of Worth blend their voices with harmony and support their collection of songs with their varied selection of instruments. They have a very simple approach to their presentation, and in keeping with tradition, remain true to the music and story. Their show is a unique combination of humour, exciting tunes, and soulful, heartfelt ballads.Men of Worth are an international act, and have earned much respect and success in over thirty years of touring together. Performing concerts and festivals, with twelve albums to their credit; Men of Worth continue the very tradition from which they've evolved.

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