San Diego Scottish Highland Games

First Family Trip to Scotland

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and my parents emigrated to the US when I was six.  I grew up in Michigan and California.  Once I had my own children, we took them to the SD Scottish Highland Games every year.  It was important to me for my kids to know their heritage.  Plus, the Games are so fun!  What’s not to love?  However, my kids had never been to Scotland.  So, in August 2016 we took the kids and their significant others for a trip through the old country.  We visited the house I grew up in, hiked up to the top of Ben Nevis, got eaten alive by midges on the Isle of Skye, attending the Edinburgh Tattoo, and visited plenty of pubs.  It was a wonderful trip and the kids told me “oh, now we know why you do a lot of the things you do and understand the reason why.”  I’m so happy we were able to take this trip together!
I’m attaching a photo of us at Loch Ness.  We didn’t see Nessie that day!
-Lynn Graykowski
(maiden name is Gebbie.  Part of the Buchanan Clan)!  Aye!

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