San Diego Scottish Highland Games

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

Haunted Scottish Castles

Scotland is full of myths and folklore, but it is also filled with architectural gems dating back to the Middle Ages. Nestled in a valley or on a riverbank, we will tell you all about the different haunted castles of Scotland.


Albergeldie Castle has a dark history that still haunts it today. A former French maid would have decided never to leave the place. She died a long time ago and her ghost still roams the castle’s rooms. Catherine Rankie, also known as French Kate, was accused of witchcraft, imprisoned and burned at the stake not far from the castle. Since then, she would never leave the castle…


Located on the Isle of Arran, this castle is as frightening as it is fascinating. Once besieged by the Vikings, then home to the Dukes of Hamilton, this castle is the subject of many legends. It is said that a Grey Lady haunts the oldest part of the house. Sick of the plague, she died of hunger in the dungeons. It is also said that a white stag appears in the vicinity of the castle each time a member of the Hamilton family dies, or that a man in a costume lives in the castle’s library…


Called “the Pearl of the North” this castle is famous for the legend of three women who would haunt the place, one in the Pink Tower, one in the dining room and the last one on the Avon bridge near the castle. It is said that James Grant, who died in 1806, is sometimes seen riding his white horse in the park.


In the heart of the Highlands, Cawdor Castle is known thanks to Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, so it has always been the subject of legends and superstitions. Among the myths surrounding this haunted castle, there is the ghost of the Earl of Cawdor’s daughter, who jumped from the ramparts. Because she had a secret relationship with a member of a rival family, her father cut off her hands… Some witnesses also affirm that a woman dressed in a blue velvet dress would haunt the place… The castle is a few miles from the site of the bloody battle of Culloden, no wonder there are so many horror stories!


This castle is known to be one of the most haunted castles in Scotland. It is said that in 1920, renovation work led to a macabre discovery. The skeleton of a woman was found behind the wall of one of the rooms… Some say they found an indelible bloodstain, and others say that ghosts roam the castle’s rooms.

One of them is said to be Lillias Drummond, wife of Sir Alexander Seton who starved her to death before remarrying. The ghost of the deceased would have engraved her name on the windowsill of the marital room, perched 15 meters above the ground. The engraving is still readable today.

So, will you be bold enough to go and meet these supernatural creatures and scary legends. Ready to dive into the Scottish myths?

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