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2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

Inveraray Castle

Some Interesting Facts About Beautiful Inveraray Castle

Your trip to Scotland will remain incomplete without a visit to the stunning Inveraray Castle. This iconic and romantic castle, with its impressive turrets and stunning façade, can be easily visible for miles. Situated around 60 miles from Glasgow. The castle in Scotland’s majestic West Highlands has formal gardens popular for their azaleas and rhododendrons. It is also called Duneagle Castle of Downton Abbey.

This was the home of the Chief of the Clan Campbell, Duke of Argyll. When talking about the finest stately homes in Scotland, you can’t ignore this castle. Now, let’s talk about some interesting facts related to Inverary Castle.

  •       The castle has an armoury hall that soars to around 20 meters in height. As per the records, this is the highest ceiling one can find in Scotland. It has a stunning display of arms. You should see the Dirk and Sporran used by Rob Roy MacGregor, a famous Scottish outlaw.
  •       By visiting the castle, you will get to know more about the history of the Campbells. During that time, they were the most powerful clan.
  •       You will find beautiful and stunning art everywhere. You should check out the Campbell family portraits and the stunning painted interiors. Besides, there you can also view the impressive work of John Hoppner, Thomas Gainsborough, and Guinard and Girard, two famous French artists.
  •       While exploring the Salon in the castle, you will get to see the grand piano. The songwriters Loewe and Lerner used that piano while composing songs for My Fair Lady.
  •       Well, some locals say most of the Highland castles, including Inveraray Castle, are hunted. It has some ghosts, like the Grey Lady, a floating boat, and a raucous maid. Some have claimed that they have listened to music coming from their room of MacArthur.
  •       Here you can explore a huge collection that includes more than 1200 muskets, swords, pikes, and other ancient weapons.
  •       There you will find a concealed door that will take you to the China Turret. You will surely get impressed by the stunning display of European and Oriental porcelain.
  •       The castle’s Tapestry Drawing Room has the original Beauvais tapestries surrounded by a setting designed for it.
  •       Downton Abbey’s Christmas episode was filmed here. Besides, the castle was also featured in PBS’s Great Estate Scotland.
  •       The Castle Tearoom serves a delicious menu prepared using the fine Argyll ingredients.
  •       The perfectly maintained estate and garden provide the visitors with a unique walking experience along with mesmerizing Highland view. Don’t forget to check out the bluebells in May, daffodils during Easter, and rhododendrons during the summer.
  •       The castle organizes different events every year, for example, the Best of the West Festival, Inveraray Highland Games, and more. Besides, you host a party here.
  •       Some of the major activities that the estate has are wind and hydropower, tenanted farming, commercial forestry, deer hunting, and more.

The castle remains open from March to October for the visitors. So, plan to spend a few days of your trip in that area. You can also visit Knapdale, Crinan, and Kilmartin, which are located near this castle, during your stay. 

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