Pipe & Drumming Registration

Reserve your spot at the Rob McLintock California School of Piping u0026amp; Drumming

June 14th – June 21st 

To register for the summer school, select your appropriate payment method at the dropdown provided below, and process your payment accordingly. Then, fill out, and submit, the information form next to it.

Please fill out the registration form entirely, and include your age, and gender, so we can make appropriate roommate assignments. Use the “Special Requirements” section to let us know of any special circumstances and/or health considerations. Please be advised, the campus does not have full handicap facilities. If you have any questions, please contact Sue Jacobi, Administrator.

Room and board is $850(double occupancy)
This includes 7 nights (with bed linens), three meals a day and 6 full days of tuition. The first day is registration only and will include dinner. The seventh day (the last Friday) is a half day reserved for class wrap-up and graduation.

Day use is $650.
This includes 6 full days of tuition. The first day is registration only. The seventh day (the last Friday) is a half day reserved for class wrap-up and graduation.

Available Discounts.
Early Bird Registration Discount:
A $25 discount will be applied to students who register by EXTENDED TO May 14, 2019.

Band Discount:
Five or more band members who register will receive a $25 discount. There is no deadline for this discount. Please message us prior to booking, for assistance.

Both discounts can be applied to band members, but the early bird discount will only apply up to May 1, 2019.

Info for Minors:
If you are under 18, bring the “Medical Authorization Form” and the “Permission Slip for a Minor”, signed by a parent or guardian. Minors who are attending for the first time should submit a recommendation from their instructor with their registration form. The summer school cannot accept the responsibility for students under the age of 13 without a guardian or parent present on campus. If you have any questions, please contact Sue Jacobi, Administrator.

Permission Slip for Minors
Medical Authorization Form

What to Bring:
All students are required to bring practice chanter, and bagpipes (if you have them). If you don’t have bagpipes, do not worry, there will be plenty to do on the practice chanter. Bring spare reeds, seasoning, hemp, etc. Bring Highland attire for photo day and the public concert night. If you do not have a kilt, bring a plain white or black shirt to wear and/or a black jacket and some black slacks.

Personal Items to Bring:
Beach towels, bath towels, swim suit, casual clothes, light jacket or sweatshirt (daytime highs are in the 80’s and nighttime lows are in the 50’s). Sun block is essential, as is insect repellant.


STEP 1 : Pay Registration Fees

*Please note: refunds that are processed will be returned the full amount, less a $100 administration fee, regardless of whether you have opted to pay in full, or are on an installment plan.

Registration choices
Room u0026amp; Board (dbl occ) $825.00 USDDay Use $625.00 USDPymt plan room/board $212.50 USDPymt plan day use $162.50 USD
Payment Plan
NonePayment 1Payment 2Payment 3Payment 4 (final)

For help or questions, contact:

Sue Jacobi, US Contact
E-mail: suejacobi@msn.com
Phone: (505) 259-4691

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