San Diego Scottish Highland Games

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

Rob McLintock School
of Piping & Drumming

Frequently Asked Questions​

Why should I attend the school?

A six day school is total immersion in piping and drumming. The intensive schedule (see “Schedule of Events” tab) is designed to ensure the maximum instruction for all levels. As with any endeavor, the student’s efforts will make the difference in getting the most out of the school.

What do I need to bring?

For classes – You need to bring your practice chanter, drum pad and sticks and if you have them, pipes and drum. Also include your highland dress if you have a kilt, etc. See “What to Bring” tab, under “Registration” tab.

For the school – See “What to Bring” tab.

How will I be placed in the right class?

Pipers will be asked to play a march, strathspey, or a tune that they are familiar and comfortable with. The student is not required to learn a new tune to audition.

What do I do if I don’t think I’m in the right class?

Talk to your instructor and Major Bruce Hitchings. They will work with the student to make sure they’re comfortable with the class level.

Will my classmates be at the same level as I am?

All students will be placed at a level to get the most out of the course instruction. As with any group, there are individual students with varied skills and experience, who may progress at a different pace.

What is the daily schedule for the school?

See “Schedule of Events”.

What are the instructor’s qualifications?

See the “Instructors” tab.

Is there TV available?

There is no television available to students on campus. For adults, there are available lounges/restaurants within easy walking distance.

Is there internet available?

The campus Wi-Fi is available, and the sign on and password will be avalable on the day of registration.

How do I get there?

See “Location and lodging” tab for information.

Do I need a car?

A car is not required, once the student reaches the campus. If you need to purchase forgotten or added items, there are a few stores within walking distance. Some students do have cars and can be helpful if you ask them.

Is there parking available for my car?

Parking is allowed along the streets bordering on the campus but the campus parking is reserved for the employees.

Who looks out for the minors?

Sue Jacobi, the administrator of the school, has the primary responsibility to monitor the students under 18. Randy Erickson, administrative staff, assists as needed. The school doesn’t accept minors under the age of 13 without a parent or guardian present. Please contact Sue with any questions.

Is the beach available for the students?

The campus has its’ own beach access that will be available with a lifeguard starting Saturday between the hours of 5 PM and 6 PM daily and will be available to students during those hours. This is the only time that the minor students under 18 are allowed on the beach. Adult students can access the beach with the public beach access a short distance from the campus.

Do I have to attend the evening recitals, BBQ, Pub night, or play in the concert?

These activities are voluntary, though most students find that they add to the overall school experiance. Please ask more details about the activities to make sure that you miss nothing in your school experience. See “Schedule of events” tab.

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