June 26-29th, 2021

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The Rob McLintock California School of Piping and Drumming has been cancelled for 2021, but the school will conduct a four day workshop from June 26th to June 29th. The workshop will be conducted via Zoom. Any student who needs assistance with the platform can receive instruction before the workshop. Please notify Sue Jacobi (suejacobi@msn.com) if you need assistance. The workshop is intended to safely give students an alternative to an in person environment.

Classes will start with a morning meeting each day.
  •  A complete schedule will be sent to all students and those who are interested.
  • The first “elective” will be a panel discussion with the instructors on Saturday, June 26th to answer student’s questions. Based on the response, the instructors will decide to have individual topics for electives for the next three days.
  • Students who are interested in a dedicated Piobaireachd course should contact Sue Jacobi (suejacobi@msn.com) as soon as possible. Six to eight students will be required in order to proceed with the class.
  • There will be optional social activities each day, including a to be announced “Pub Night”. Time and details to be available to the students.

Students will be placed into classes that match their abilities.

  • To register, use the link below. The information includes contact information and relative information about your level. If there are any questions, an instructor will reach out to that student.
  • Music will be available before the start of the workshop.
  • The cost for the workshop will be $275.00 per student.
  • The workshop will require a minimum of piping and drumming students to cover the instructors’ costs. If a minimum is not obtained, we will not be able to continue the workshop.
  • If the workshop is in demand, a maximum number of students will be necessary, so that the classes remain manageable. A waiting list will be generated.
  • Our instructors are: Aaron Shaw, Colin Armstrong, Robert Watt, (piping) and Ed Best, drumming. Craig Farley will be providing the support for the Zoom.

To register for the workshop:
  • Contact Sue Jacobi (suejacobi@msn.com) for any questions regarding the workshop.
  • Payment for the workshop, if the registrant did not do so at the time of registration:
  • Use the link to register as it takes you to the page with the PayPal button.
  • Registrants will need to ensure that payment is made before the workshop begins.
  • Please contact Cherie McGruer (cherie.mcgruer@gmail.com) with any payment questions.

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