Join us For the 2nd annual Scottish Heritage Celebration at the San Diego Padres!

We’re thrilled to announce we have partnered with the San Diego Padres again, as well as British Pub favorite, Shakespeare Pub!

Using the link provided, you’ll be able to buy your tickets, with a number of options this time.

The Padres have setup the heritage night/days a little different this year, so here are some key things to know:

      • You can attend either July 30, 31, or Aug 1.
      • Stadium seating will be back to full capacity, so everyone can sit with their friends and family!
      • You can pick seats anywhere you want in the stadium
      • If you want to sit in more of a community group setting with other San Diego Scottish Highland Games supporters, order your tickets for section 304 on SUNDAY’s game.
      • Before or after Sunday’s day game (1:10pm start), you’ll be able to take your ticket to Shakespeare Pub just down the way, and get 15% off your entire bill.
      • $3 from every ticket sold goes to support local Scottish heritage and arts events.
      • Every ticket bought through our link will get the limited edition SD Padres Scottish hat (must  attend the game to redeem, or have someone take your ticket on your behalf).

Checkout photos from the 1st Annual Scottish Heritage Night at the Padres

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! 100%! Kilts, and any clan/tartan’d wear is HIGHLY encouraged. 

Please note: pointed/sharp/bladed objects such as a Sgian-dubh or dirk, will NOT be allowed inside, so please leave those at home.

There are 3 games available this year, all are against the Colorado Rockies:

Friday July 30th, 7:10PM

Saturday July 31st, 5:40 PM

Sunday August 1st, 1:10 PM

The game will be at Petco Park, downtown San Diego. You can use this map to navigate directions from where you live.


Ticket prices will be confirmed this week, plus any applicable processing fee the Padres may have.

Unfortunately not. We do not control the pricing of Padre’s tickets. As such, we cannot offer any discounts.

Hats are eligible to be collected on the day of the game for your ticket, only, and by the ticket holder. 

You’ll take your ticket(s) to the designated table at the grassy social area at the back of the ballpark, called Gallagher Square (formerly Park at the Park), and they’ll be scanned by a Padres’ rep. You’ll then be given your hats(s).

No problem! If you’re local, you can take your ticket and just go in, get your hat, and leave. If not, you could give your ticket to a friend or family member, who can attend and pick up your hat on your behalf. They can coordinate with you on how to get it to you.

Unfortunately, the hat is only available to those who buy through our website. You could buy a second ticket through our link, at the cheapest seat available on the same day you will be attending, and use that to qualify for the hat, and simply not sit in that seat.

The Padres have an allotted number of Wheelchair/ADA accessible seating in each section.

These are located across the front walk way, removed from the main seating section (so if you’re wanting to sit with your group, that won’t be possible). The ticket holder, and 1 companion may reserve these, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There are a number of seats that have fewer rows, which may be good options for you. Within our designated section for Sunday’s game, we have specifically requested lower rows, spanning multiple sections, as to keep it as convenient as possible.

You will receive an order confirmation, and instructions from the Padres on how that works. Your ticket will most likely come in the form of an electronic ticket, unless you select otherwise.

Unfortunately, the Padres are not offering that option this year. We definitely look forward to that next year though!