Scottish Heritage Night at the Padres!

Sunday, June 14th, 1:10 pm

VS Arizona Diamondbacks

After last year’s success, we’ve decided to bring back our annual Scottish Heritage Night, co-hosted by the Padres! Join us in celebrating your Scottish heritage, as we meet together, to watch the San Diego Padres take on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

For those who came last year, there will be a few changes this year:


To make the event more convenient to people’s schedules, we have opted to host on a Sunday, day game– as opposed to an evening weeknight.

First pitch is at 1:10 pm, Sunday June 14th, 2020. But you are highly encouraged to join us before the game, for pre-game entertainment!

Sundays also happen to be Military Appreciation Days at the Padres — we know many of you are active, or previous service members — so this is a great double opportunity!

Pre-Game Entertainment

While we loved having the dancers and pipe & drum band last year, that won’t be available to us this year, as the entertainment stage is only available for weekday reservations.

While it was such a privilege to have our Highland Dancers and musicians last year, due to the scheduling, many people were not able to attend early enough to see them, or even see the game at all.

HOWEVER, we WILL still have bagpipers! We’ll have a few performing with us, in the tailgating party zone we’ve reserved! That means you can stroll on over to our reserved area in the designated tailgating area (an exact map/location will be provided as we get it from the Padres) and enjoy listening to pipers as we socialize before the game.

FREE Tailgating Grilling!

As mentioned above, to create more of a social atmosphere for you all to get to know each other, or connect with old friends & family, we’ve reserved a large tailgating area.

Your ticket grants you access to join us, and get ONE FREE SAUSAGE (with a bun)! Just show up, and your name will be on a list if you opted to have a sausage before the game (you will need to RSVP for this, as we will be buying exact number of sausages; if you do not RSVP on your ticket that you would like the sausage, there will not be extra if you change your mind).

Not a meat-eater, or just prefer to bring your own food? You can totally do that! Feel free to bring your own snacks (no other grills will be allowed in our area though, so please make sure it’s already prepared for you to eat).

Beverages are also allowed in the tailgating area, including alcoholic. However, we will not be providing any of those ourselves. You’re welcome to bring your own from home, so long as you are respectful to those around us, and mind your trash etc.

The Hat!

YES! You will 100% get another free hat included with your ticket purchase. We know some of you enjoy collecting hats, and as this is a new year, NEW HAT!

We’ve included the approved mockup of this year’s hat (actual photos will be updated, once the hat has been produced).

It will be cotton, and adjustable as last year, and features a navy tartan on the panels, solid navy bill, white front panels, with SD logo proudly displayed on the Scottish Lion Rampant shield, with a Scottish flag on the side panel!

You can get this once you go inside (for those wanting to grab their hat, and come to the tailgate area after, the Padres’ website states you can re-enter the park if you get stamped, but please make sure to confirm this PRIOR to going inside. Read their policies here).

Not able/interested in attending the game? YES! Just as last year, you can choose to just order the hat, and we’ll donate your ticket to someone who will enjoy in your place. Your hat will be shipped after the game occurs.

Once Inside

Last year we had a life-sized, tartan’d SD available for photos; that’s back this year! You can find it at the Gallagher Square section of the ballpark (formerly Park at the Park).

This is the same area, where we will also have a community kiosk again, where you can get fliers, ask our board members questions, or enter our FREE RAFFLE (if you wear tartan, you’ll be given a free ticket).

This is also where you’ll go to collect your hat. There will be a tented table where you’ll present your ticket, and a Padres’ rep will provide you your hat for each ticket holder.


One concern that came up last year, was accessibility.  Rather than have our seating all grouped in 3 sections, spanning up to the very top row, we will be stretched across 5 sections instead. Specifically, odd-numbered sections, 303-311.

This will give us a shorter distance to travel up the stairs, provide lower rows for those with limited accessibility and small children, and more ADA-designated seats for those who are eligible.

Please note: If you have a need for wheelchair/ADA seating, please note this on your ticket purchase. The Padres have small amounts of designated seating for ADA, open to the ticket holder, and 1 companion.

If you do not require full ADA, but are limited in accessibility, please also notate this, and we will try to get you placed in the lowest row possible, on the outside aisles.

For everyone else, tickets will be assigned once ticket orders have closed. If you have a special request to be seated with friends/family who have ordered separately from you, please note this on your order, and we will make sure to group you together.

Tickets will be E-MAILED to you in LATE MAY.

Please check your spam, or set your email to allow . If you do not get them by June 5th, PLEASE EMAIL US so we can resend them.

Ready to Buy Tickets?

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! 100%! Kilts, and any tartan’d wear is HIGHLY encouraged. We will be giving out free raffle tickets to those we see wearing some.

Please note: pointed/sharp/bladed objects such as a Sgian-dubh or dirk, will NOT be allowed inside, so please leave those at home.

Sunday June 14th, 1:10pm, but there is lots of fun to be had if you join us 1-2 hours before the game starts!

The game will be at Petco Park, downtown San Diego. You can use this map to navigate directions from where you live.


Tickets are $27, plus a tiny processing fee (roughly $0.80).

Unfortunately not. We do not control the pricing of Padre’s tickets. As such, we cannot offer any discounts.

Each ticket includes admission for 1 to the game, 1 free limited-edition hat, 1 sausage on a bun, and entertainment at our tailgating party.

Hats are eligible to be collected on the day of the game, only, and by the ticket holder. 

You’ll take your ticket(s) to the designated table at the grassy social area at the back of the ballpark, called Gallagher Square (formerly Park at the Park), and they’ll be scanned by a Padres’ rep. You’ll then be given your hats(s).

No problem! Just select the dropdown option at checkout, to purchase the hat only. 

We will donate your ticket to someone, and collect the hat on your behalf. You will need to pay postage at checkout, and we will send it usps flat-rate.

You can choose to pick yours up at the San Diego Scottish Highland Games, at no extra fee, or have it shipped right after the baseball game. They typically only take 2 business days. So if you’re wanting the hat for the Highland Games, you’ll have just enough time!

Unfortunately, the hat is only available to those who buy through our website, and sit in our section, OR if you buy through the Padre’s website, through their Scottish Heritage Night section.

(If it doesn’t state you get the hat, on the Padres’ website, you are not in the right area. The direct link has not been created on their website yet. Be sure to check back soon.)

The Padres have an allotted number of Wheelchair/ADA accessible seating in each section.

These are located across the front walk way, removed from the main seating section (so if you’re wanting to sit with your group, that won’t be possible). The ticket holder, and 1 companion may reserve these, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please note on your ticket order, if you will need this accommodation, and if you have a companion coming. They will also need to purchase a ticket.

When you place your order, please let us know your situation, how many are in your party, and we will do our best to place you as low as possible, and as close to the outside as possible.

Tickets will all get E-mailed out at the same time. The exact date is not known, as that will depend on when the Padres distribute them to us.

This is typically a few weeks before the game, so we’d estimate the end of May.

Important: Especially for those of you who have email accounts that require senders to verify themselves before messages are delivered to you, please ensure your email is set to allow messages from and check your spam if you don’t see it in your inbox.

Note: some gmail users may find it in their other tabs for social, or promotions.

If you still have not found it by June 5th, please email us and we will make sure you get it resent.

Absolutely! Just notate to us in your order comments, who you’re wanting to sit by, and we’ll make sure to get you placed together.

If you’re coming to the tailgating area, yes. Food, drink, and alcoholic beverages are allowed in certain areas.

Note: alcoholic beverages are only allowed in a designated tailgating area, for those who are aged 21+.

If you’re joining our tailgating party, please feel free to bring your food/drink, but leave any grills at home, as they will not be allowed in our area for safety and spacing.

For consideration of others, and to allow enough space, we ask you leave those at home, or at your own parked area.

Exceptions would be compact camping chairs (or wheelchairs) for those who are elderly, or with limited accessibility.

They would need to be kept to the outer perimeter of our area, as to allow easy foot traffic.

Still Have Questions?

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