San Diego Scottish Highland Games

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands

In ancient history of Scotland, the Scottish Highlands were dominated by the Gaels and the lowlands belonged to the Scots. The dividing line between these two lands was every West of the Great Glen and about 50 miles East of the Great Glen. Though there isn’t a conflicted divide between these two lands anymore there is still a significant cultural difference between the Highland and Lowlands. 

The Highlands are commonly pictured as the most romantic part of Scotland. With the stunning rolling hills of green and unspoiled nature with beautiful and dangerous mountains framing the scene, ocean blue fjords and empty gorges where you can see herds of Red Deer run free. The second that you see the hills, take it in quickly because just like that they can be gone again with the landscape. The Highlands and the castles that lay within are favorite locations for brides wanting a destination wedding. 

Though this is area is thought to be one of the most romantic areas of Scotland there wasn’t all beauty and light surrounding this area of Scotland. Have you ever heard of the “Highlands of the Clans”? There were years of battles, massacres, bloodshed power struggles between chieftains. There was an ugly time in history that set place in The Highlands. 

Well-known places in The Highlands: 

The Caledonian Forest: This woodland, made up of Scots Pine, rowan, birch oak and juniper is one of the largest forests in Scotland. Since there is dramatic climate changes around Scotland – a lot of the forests have withdrawn from the original landscape lines but this is still an abundant forest to visit that is full of wildlife! 

Loch Ness: If you haven’t heard of Loch Ness before I would be surprised. This is a fjord that has been surrounded by myth and fable for years. This is Scotland’s largest and most famous lochs which is known around the world thanks to the elusive monster “Nessie”. This stretch of water is 23 miles long and dives to depths as far as 700 feet at its deepest point. 

The Jacobite Steam Train: This beautiful and historical railway is known as the greatest railway journey in the world. The track runs 84 miles round trip that will trek you through some of the most beautiful sights of the Highlands. Rounding through tiny towns, historic forts, and castles.

Eilean Donan Castle: This is one of Scotland’s most photographed and well recognized castles. It makes its appearance on shortbread tins and calendars more than any other throughout Scotland! This is an icon that shouldn’t be missed in The Highlands. Sitting out on its own little island overlooking the Isle of Skye, the point where three seas and the lochs meet with the mountains of Kintail set in the landscape, it doesn’t take long for you to see why this is where tourists flock hand over fist year after year. This is truly a breath taking sight to behold, be sure that you come with fresh batteries in your camera! 

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