San Diego Scottish Highland Games

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

Scottish Tablet

Taiblet, in Scots, is a medium-hard, sugary confection from Scotland. Tablet is wonderfully tasty, sugary, sweet or candy with a slightly grainy texture that melts in the mouth. Scottish Tablet can be found around the world. In Latin America “Dulce de Leche en Tabla”, then “Borstplaat” in Netherlands, and “Sucre a la creme” in Quebec Canada. Sometimes it is called a Swiss Milk Tablet. It is also realised similar in New Zealand called Russian Fudge, seems to originate in New Zealand but Golden Syrup added to it. Tablet is present in hotels as a treat on the tea tray and come with variations like Tablet Ice-cream and Tablet Cheesecake. No one can visit Scotland without trying a tablet.

Home-made products are better than shop-bought because it doesn’t add preservatives or any substitutes for milk products. It is amazing to make. Scottish Tablet was originally made from sugar and cream but optional can make using sweetened condensed milk. Let’s make it with easy steps-

Ingredients used for this recipe:

  • 175g unsalted butter
  • 750g sugar
  • 75g sweetened condensed milk
  •  85g Butter

Preparation Method:

First, start with baking parchment in the tray. Add butter and 150ml of water to the pan at low heat. Melt the butter and do not boil the water. Put into the sugar and wait until dissolved and is stirring.

Bring the water to a boil, turn down the gas flame, and then add condensed milk. Mix all ingredients to make the light creamy colour. Cook for 20-30 minutes and stir often, until the mixture is thick and deep caramel colour.

While simmering and stirring, you can add whisky to make it more Scottish. Some recipes call for vanilla essence to enhance the flavour but to make it traditional, don’t include anything.

To test the thickness, drop a little mixture onto a cold plate. It should not run and should be thick and sticky after a few seconds. Turn off the gas and beat the mixture for 10-15 minutes to make it thickened.

Now, Pour the mixture onto the prepared tin and leave it to cool for 30-40 minutes. When it cools down, cut it into squares. A Scottish tablet should be a gritty, melt-in-mouth texture that is incredibility sweet but irresistible.

Instructions for the recipe:

  • Use a large pan for the mixture to have room to expand and use low-fat ingredients.
  • To make this recipe, no need to use a thermometer because every stage explains what we are looking for before proceeding to the next step of cooking.
  • Make sure the sugar is fully dissolved at the first stage. Allow the mixture to really bubble up and reach boiling point.
  • After turning off the heat, do not forget to beat the mixture. It takes some arm work.
  • It is recommended to cook your tablet for 20-30 minutes at medium heat but sometimes depends on the size of the pan. Overall, it could take 45 minutes for it to be at the right temperature.
  • If the tablet still doesn’t set, pour it back into a pan and reheat and start the process again.
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