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2024 Highland Games June 22-23

2024 Highland Games June 22-23

Top 3 Haunted Spots in Scotland

The top three haunted places of Scotland 

Places with rich history are also places that have a dark and haunted past. Through the halls of history have walked many souls who left their imprints forever. It is, therefore, unsurprising that Scotland has some famous haunted spaces. These spaces have garnered the reputation of being home to troubled souls and interesting stories. From castles to cemeteries, there are numerous places in Scotland that have a haunted history.

The landscape of Scotland is dotted with many medieval castles and fortresses. These castles have been the silent watchers of history unfolding itself. Not every page of history is beautiful, and some pages have blood spilled on them. The spirits of many have stayed back in these castles and continue to haunt the corridors even today. People interested in history and the supernatural find their way to the castles mentioned below.

Goblin Ha, East Lothian

Goblin Ha, in the Scottish language, is a shortened form of Goblin Hall. The place is also called the Yester Castle. The place is situated near Gifford, East Lothian. The Castle is an underground system of corridors and gothic vaults that have sunk in under ruins. The story of these ancient ruins traces back to the 13th century when Sir Hugo de Gifford struck a deal with the devil.

The local warlock asked for a goblin army and asked them to build him the Goblin Ha. After the completion of the Hall, the warlock spent many years practicing magic and sorcery. Even today, the sunk-in underground vaults have a foreboding look.

Stirling Castle

The Stirling Castle is a famous haunted spot in Scotland, with many ghost sightings reported. One of the most famous ghosts of the Stirling Castle is Highland Ghost. The ghost has appeared to visitors and staff in the full traditional attire of the Scots.

Many of the visitors have even mistaken this ghost as a tour guide and approached him. To their shock and surprise, the ghost suddenly vanishes in front of their eyes. The famous ghost was also captured on camera in 1935, solidifying our belief in the paranormal.

Another popular ghost of the Stirling Castle is the Green Lady, who is believed to be a maidservant to Mary, Queen of Scots. Some visitors to the Castle also believe that the Queen of Scots herself haunts the royal corridors as Pink Lady.

Inveraray Castle

The Inveraray Castle is also among the top three haunted places in Scotland. The Castle has been the seat of Clan Campbell since the 18th century. Its roots in the Gothic Revival architecture make it a perfect setting for filming a spooky period drama. There are many ghosts in the Castle, but one Grey Lady is the most popular and prominent. Apart from this, a ghost boat and a ghost harpist is also the highlight of the haunted Castle.

Apart from these three haunted places, there are many more haunted castles and places in Scotland. These places are infamous for ghost apparitions and spiritual experiences. Tourists with a knack for adventure and exploration will love a visit to such places.

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